Jan 2009

The Max Factor Awards

The second annual scholarship since the launch of The Max Factor Award in 2008 is presented to the extremely talented Diana Orving. The award enables emerging talents who have already demonstrated a maturity in fashion design and a potential for future distinction in the fashion industry, to communicate their brands via the production of a catwalk show on schedule at Fashion Week by Berns. A fashion show is one of the most important marketing activities for a designer to reach important media and buyers, but also one of the most expensive. The Max Factor Award covers all catwalk expenses including PR, location, models, sound and lights.

- The Max Factor Award has first and foremost given me the financial possibility to show during Fashion Week by Berns. But the scholarship also enables me to focus on the collection and the creative show concept instead of practical show production tasks, says Diana Orving. With her complex deconstructed designs, which often allow the garments to be worn in more than one way, Diana Orving has become one of the most talked about talents on the Swedish fashion scene. The jury’s motivation Diana Orving is a young creator who dares to challenge and question accepted norms and values in her design work. As a designer, her work has a unique and distinct expressiveness which has been evident ever since her first collection and which is confirmed with each new collection.